"Musixsale Record Label to Release New Pop Song 'Bia o Bargardon' Featuring Payam Toni, Firouz Veysanloo, and Amir Eight"

Musixsale, the Iranian record label known for producing high-quality music, has announced the upcoming release of a new pop song titled "Bia o Bargardon." The song features the collaboration of some of the most talented musicians in Iran, including Payam Toni, Firouz Veysanloo, and Amir Eight, the owner of Musixsale.

The song was composed and arranged by Amir Eight and is expected to be one of the best Iranian pop songs to be released this year. The lyrics were written by Atefeh Habibi, one of the best lyricists in pop music, and the melody was created by Amin Khakian.

Payam Toni, one of the best violin and orchestral leaders, was responsible for arranging the orchestral violin parts, while Firouz Veysanloo, one of the highest-level guitarists in Iran, arranged the guitar parts. The final mix and mastering was also done by Amir Eight.

In addition, Fred, one of the best international photographers, has been commissioned to create the cover art for the song, adding another layer of creativity to this highly anticipated release.

"We're thrilled to be releasing this amazing new pop song, featuring some of the most talented musicians in the industry," said Amir Eight, the owner of Musixsale. "We believe that the combination of their skills will make 'Bia o Bargardon' a hit among music fans in Iran and beyond."

The song will be available on all major digital platforms and is set to be released in the coming weeks. Fans of Iranian pop music won't want to miss this exciting new release from Musixsale.

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