Amir Eight: Redefining Music with Global Artistry 

An Insight into the Phenomenon Known as Amir Eight
Amir Eight - Amir Sadeghian

Amir Eight, also known as Amir Sadeghian, is a musical sensation whose talents know no bounds. Hailing from Iran, he has mesmerized audiences worldwide with his exceptional skills as a composer, mix engineer, rap singer, actor, and director. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary journey of Amir Eight, exploring his innovative music, global collaborations, and the establishment of his renowned record label, Musixsale.

Unleashing the Musical Brilliance: "Covidiot"

At the core of Amir Eight's repertoire lies the captivating track "Covidiot." Collaborating with Minus, one of the finest American rappers, and featuring the mesmerizing vocals of John Mojo from Poland, the song delves into the theme of the pandemic. What sets this track apart is Amir Eight's ingenious composition, masterful mix, and enchanting sound effects that create an immersive experience for listeners.

Envisioning "Sabotage": A Revolutionary Collaboration

Currently, Amir Eight is in the midst of an ambitious project titled "Sabotage." This collaboration features Minus, Stephen Voyce, and the esteemed Iranian rapper Satrap, known for his groundbreaking contributions to Persian rap. The fusion of these remarkable artists promises an extraordinary musical revelation that is bound to leave an indelible mark.

Musixsale: Empowering Dreams of Aspiring Artists

Amir Eight's vision transcends his own success; it extends to uplifting and empowering emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. This vision materialized in the form of Musixsale, his very own record label. Musixsale is not merely a label; it is a sanctuary for artists with a burning passion for music, offering them the opportunity to work with some of the industry's best.

NEOFUN: A Triumph in Electronic Artistry

Within the realms of Musixsale, another success story emerges in the form of NEOFUN. An instrumental virtuoso, NEOFUN has created mesmerizing electronic compositions that have garnered immense adoration from fans. With his album "Trall" from the "Seven Deadly Faults" series amassing over 710k views on YouTube in just three months, NEOFUN is an artist on the rise.

Embracing Global Diversity in Music

Amir Eight's journey across continents has led him to collaborate with musicians from over 17 countries, including esteemed names like Stephen Voyce, Jess Abran, Minus, Sandra Reyes, and several Turkish artists. This embrace of cultural diversity enriches his work, forging connections that transcend borders and resonate with global audiences.

Musixsale's Filtered Excellence: Joining the Elite

Becoming a part of Musixsale is a coveted dream for many aspiring musicians. However, Amir Eight has ensured that only the most exceptional and dedicated talents find their place within the label. While access is limited, the doors are open to those who demonstrate unwavering commitment and an unquenchable thirst for musical excellence.

Nurturing the Next Generation: Amir Eight's Mentorship

In addition to his musical endeavors, Amir Eight takes the time to mentor and guide budding singers and musicians. His counsel is freely offered to those who seek to refine their artistry and seek a path in the competitive world of music. For those who aspire to be part of Musixsale, Amir Eight's guidance is a beacon of hope.

Final Thoughts

Amir Eight's journey in the world of music is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From his innovative tracks like "Covidiot" to his ambitious project "Sabotage," he continuously pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. Musixsale, his brainchild, serves as a haven for aspiring musicians, fostering a creative and supportive environment. With NEOFUN's soaring success, the label stands as a testament to Amir Eight's commitment to promoting exceptional talent. As we eagerly await his future releases and witness his mentorship transforming lives, it is evident that Amir Eight's influence on the music industry will be felt for generations to come.



Who is Amir Eight? Amir Eight, also known as Amir Sadeghian, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Iran. He excels as a composer, mix engineer, rap singer, actor, and director.

What is "Covidiot"? "Covidiot" is an extraordinary track by Amir Eight, featuring Minus and John Mojo, which delves into the theme of the pandemic with innovative musicality.

What is "Sabotage"? "Sabotage" is an ambitious collaboration project by Amir Eight, Minus, Stephen Voyce, and Satrap, promising a groundbreaking musical revelation.

What is Musixsale? Musixsale is Amir Eight's renowned record label, offering a platform for emerging artists with a passion for music and a commitment to excellence.

Who is NEOFUN, and what makes him stand out? NEOFUN is an instrumental virtuoso signed with Musixsale, gaining immense popularity for his electronic compositions, notably his album "Trall" from the "Seven Deadly Faults" series.

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