Oriemu: A Musical Odyssey - Unveiling the Artist's Journey and Captivating Melodies 

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Oriemu - Morteza Khoshghalb - Musixsale

Embarking on a mesmerizing journey into the world of music, we delve into the exceptional talent of Oriemu, a gifted artist known for his extraordinary prowess on the Hangdrum. In this exclusive feature, we uncover the rich tapestry of Oriemu's life and career, exploring each of his enchanting compositions that have resonated with audiences worldwide. Join us as we traverse through his musical creations, aspirations, and the magnetic charm that defines Oriemu's unique persona.

The Musical Prodigy: Oriemu's Early Life and Rise to Fame

Morteza Khoshghalb, known to the world as Oriemu, was born on the 27th of July, 1996, in the vibrant city of Tehran, Iran. With an innate passion for music and an insatiable curiosity, Oriemu's journey into the realm of melody began at a tender age. His remarkable dedication and innate musical talent quickly caught the attention of both peers and mentors, setting him on a trajectory towards excellence.

Oriemu's Symphonic Portfolio: A Harmonious Discography

Oriemu - Rishe
Oriemu Rishe

As the melody unfolds, we find ourselves enchanted by "Rishe," a composition that intertwines intricate rhythms and melodious phrases. The resonance of the Hangdrum evokes the image of ancient roots reaching deep into the earth, symbolizing both grounding and growth. Oriemu's ability to convey profound emotions through his music is evident in the heartfelt echoes of "Rishe."

Oriemu - Universe
Oriemu Universe

In the cosmic expanse of "Universe," Oriemu's artistry takes flight, transcending the boundaries of earthly sounds. Each note becomes a celestial body, creating a symphony that navigates the galaxies of imagination. The fusion of Hangdrum and creativity propels listeners on a cosmic voyage through the boundless universe of Oriemu's mind.

Oriemu - Karma
Oriemu Karma

"Karma" resonates with a delicate balance, mirroring the ebb and flow of life's intricate tapestry. Oriemu's masterful command of the Hangdrum evokes a sense of introspection, encouraging listeners to contemplate the interplay between cause and effect. The composition's harmonious interludes mirror the interconnectedness of existence.

Oriemu - Deycy
Oriemu Deycy

"Deycy" unfurls with an air of mystique, inviting listeners to explore its enigmatic depths. The Hangdrum's haunting echoes merge with Oriemu's artistic vision, conjuring images of hidden realms and untold stories. Through "Deycy," Oriemu demonstrates his ability to capture the essence of intrigue and curiosity within musical notes.


Oriemu - Lifegiving River
Oriemu Lifegiving River

In the tranquil currents of "Lifegiving River," Oriemu's Hangdrum melodies weave a narrative of renewal and rejuvenation. The composition's cascading rhythms mirror the gentle flow of water in Isfahan Iran (زاینده رود), symbolizing the perpetual cycle of life. As notes ripple and dance, listeners are drawn into a serene oasis of harmonious reflection.

Oriemu - Twilight
Oriemu Twilight

Diving into the depths of Oriemu's musical repertoire, we encounter the enchanting composition, "Twilight." This masterpiece captures the delicate transition between day and night, where the world is bathed in the soft hues of dusk. Oriemu's deft touch on the Hangdrum conjures an atmosphere of serenity, as if listeners are witnessing the sun's final bow before the curtain of night rises.

Oriemu's Overture: A Glimpse of the Future

As we await Oriemu's latest creation, "Breathing," scheduled for release in September, the anticipation is palpable. This upcoming masterpiece promises to be a testament to Oriemu's evolution as an artist, incorporating his diverse musical influences and innovative outlook. With "Breathing," Oriemu invites us to inhale the essence of his musical soul, embracing a new chapter in his artistic journey.

A Multifaceted Artist: Beyond the Hangdrum

While Oriemu's mastery of the Hangdrum remains central to his identity, his versatility as a musician extends further. His collaborations span genres such as RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, and Electronic, showcasing his ability to seamlessly navigate diverse musical landscapes. Oriemu's musical dexterity transcends boundaries, making him a sought-after collaborator across the global music scene.

Educator and Inspiration: Oriemu's Contribution to Music

Oriemu's dedication to sharing his knowledge is exemplified through his role as an educator at the esteemed Darkoob academy in Iran. For four years, he has nurtured budding talents, imparting the art of playing the Hangdrum with passion and precision. His teaching philosophy embodies the belief that music has the power to heal, uplift, and unite.

Supporting Oriemu's Odyssey: Musixsale's Role

At the heart of Oriemu's musical journey stands Musixsale, a label committed to fostering creativity and innovation. Amir Eight, the label's visionary founder, takes charge of ensuring that Oriemu's music and updates are seamlessly accessible through their website. This collaboration serves as a testament to the label's dedication to nurturing artists and amplifying their voices. 

Final Thoughts

In the harmonious symphony of Oriemu's life, each note represents a chapter of his extraordinary journey. From his early days in Tehran to the global recognition he enjoys today, Oriemu's passion for music remains unwavering. As we eagerly await the release of "Breathing" and witness Oriemu's evolution, we are reminded that his artistry transcends melodies; it embodies the essence of humanity's collective yearning for connection and self-expression.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Oriemu, and where was he born? Oriemu, born Morteza Khoshghalb, is a remarkable Hangdrum artist hailing from Tehran, Iran.

How many official songs has Oriemu released to date? Oriemu has already released six official songs: "Universe," "Rishe," "Twilight," "Karma," "Deycy," and "Lifegiving River."

What is the significance of Oriemu's new song "Breathing"? "Breathing" is Oriemu's upcoming release that promises to mark a new chapter in his musical journey, encapsulating his growth and evolution as an artist.

How does Oriemu contribute to music education? Oriemu is a dedicated educator at the Darkoob academy in Iran, where he imparts his knowledge of the Hangdrum to aspiring musicians.

What role does Musixsale play in Oriemu's career? Musixsale, Oriemu's collaborator, ensures his music and updates are easily accessible to fans through their website, under the guidance of founder Amir Eight.


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